Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Posted by Swami Om On 12:13 AM
If u r simple u will be able to observe urself. A complex person cannot observe himself because he is so divided. He has so many things around him: so many desires, so many thoughts and so many problems arising out of those desires & thoughts. He s continuously in a crowd. It is difficult to attain to self study. Only an austere man eats, sleeps, loves and that is all. He has ample time and ample energy left to observe, just to be, just to sit & look. He sits, looks at himself, closes his eyes watches his own being.
There is not a crowd, nothing much to done. Things are so simple that he can do them easily. And simple things have a quality that even while doing them you can study yourself. Complex things are too much for the mind. It gets too involved & fragmentary and self study becomes impossible.